Ruby Cosmetics

We're Ruby Cosmetics, a UK company specialising in a selection of carefully chosen beauty products including eyebrow make-up, lip gloss, eye-shadows and an exciting new contour palette.

We tour the UK, working at all the major events such as The Clothes Show Live, Girls' Day Out and The National wedding show - as well as many more fashion, beauty and wedding events.

We also retail and distributes our high quality cosmetics through Beauty Salons and a network of energetic resellers.For Perfect Brows and Defined Contouring, it has to be Ruby. 

Ruby Cosmetics
100% handmade soap bar
safe & environmentally friendly


Safe & Cruelty Free

At Ruby we love animals just as much as we love our makeup! That is why we ensure all of our lovely products are cruelty free!

We’re all aware of the gruesome realities of animal testing. Hundreds of thousands of animals are poisoned, blinded or even killed every year in product testing for cosmetics, personal-care products, household cleaning products, and even fruit juices!

These tests are not required by law, and often produce misleading or inaccurate results. Even if a product has blinded an animal, it can still be marketed to you. Not cool. We all have a responsibility within society to help put a stop to this nasty business!



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This is where you tell your story as a founder. It’s the story of you, your mission, and how your brand brings your mission to life. Overlook it and you risk having a forgettable brand in a sea of products.

Craft it carefully, and you can create a powerful narrative that touches and inspires people.

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